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What is involved with the installation?
First we diamond grind your concrete using heavy machinery and commercial grade vacuum systems for dust collection. Then we
grind out any cracks or spalls and fill them with our special "rapid repair" polyurea material. Next we apply a primer and a layer of colour chips. Once the chip coat is dry we scrape the chips down, vacuum the floor and apply two coats of our polyaspartic clear coat.

How long will the install take?
It typically takes all day for a double car garage install (8-12 hours). 600-1000 sq ft can be completed in 2 days, and larger projects will vary.

Are you going to leave dust all over my walls?
There is some dust when grinding around edges of a floor. It is virtually dustless for the other 95% of the job.

Will the coating hold up to weather such as salt and snow?
Polyaspartics have been installed all over Canada for more than ten years .. so yes, they hold up great!

Will oil or gas stain my floor?
Oil and gas will not penetrate our top coat. Stains can easily be wiped off with a dry rag. Most messes can be cleaned with water, using a mop or a hose. Ask your installer before applying chemical products to your floor as they are usually not required.

Does the product have an odour?
Yes it does have an odour from the solvents used in the formulation. Solvents help the coating penetrate into the concretes pores and
create a superior bond, that's why we use solvents. Our coating will last longer than "odourless" systems. The odour from our system
dissipates quicker with fresh air, so the first 48 hours after install leave the doors open as long as possible.

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